To grow in our capacity to follow Jesus, every Tuesday evening, at 139 Smith Street we are offering courses through You at TMP.

Join us at 6 pm for a Potluck. If you can’t make it for supper, feel free to join our worship and prayer Gathering at 7:00 pm. At 7:30 we will move into our various classes.

Kingdom of God | Nov 8 – Dec 6
“Hopeful Imagination & the Kingdom of God”. We have just come through a very disorienting time due to Covid and other world issues. Many people have lost hope for the future, or are confused about where we are going. Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of Godas “Good News” for a world that is lost and confused. In all four gospels, Jesus starts his ministry by teaching people about life in the Kingdom of God, a life of hope, meaning and purpose.The Sermon on the Mount provides remarkable insights into what the Kingdom ofGod looks like and how to live it. As followers of Jesus, we pray for this Kingdom to come, to turn the world right-side up, to heal our broken hearts and to set us free to live life with joy, meaning and purpose. We begin to look for it and yearn for the Kingdom of God to become a present reality. The life and teachings of Jesus a transformed mind and a hopeful imagination. Our lives and our relationships are transformed as we grow to love like Jesus, live like Jesus and serve like Jesus in the Kingdom of God. In our sessions together, we want to sit at the feet of Jesus, to learn from him and to follow in obedience, filled with hope and renewed by his love.

Baptism Course | Nov 15 – Dec 6
The TMP Baptism Course is a four part class that is designed to prepare folks for the journey of discipleship that leads to baptism and beyond. Each session will help equip and prepare a person to understand what it means to follow Jesus as a disciple and how baptism is one of the first steps towards this journey. So whether you have already been baptized and would like further understanding— or you would like to baptized— this course is for you.

Women’s Night | Dec 6, Jan 10, Feb 7, Mar 7, Apr 4, May 2 & May 30
An evening for women of all ages to connect and make space for deeper relationship and community. We hope to fill the main floor with meaningful, real conversation and laughter (or tears?) as we study scripture and pray together. We’ll take refuge from our daily commitments once a month to find rest, fill our cups (literally and figuratively), share our stories, find support and encourage one another wherever we are in our journeys of faith in Jesus.

Currently studying the book Fruit, which is optional for the course.

You at TMP Home Church | Weekly
We believe that true relationship happens when we turn our chairs and face each other. Home Churches are an opportunity for people to gather together in a supportive community to go deeper together on the previous Sundays teaching content. If you aren’t yet involved in a Home Church and want to see what it’s like come join our You at TMP Home Church.

Young Adults | Bi-Weekly
A place for young adults to connect with God and with each other. We do this through thought provoking Bible studies that help us discover how Jesus can make a difference in our everyday lives and through the creation of intentional community.


It’s time to hit the pause button on life. It will have been four years since our last parent retreat. The fact that we’ve all navigated a global pandemic as parents is reason enough to get away! You’re invited to take some intentional time away to focus on where you’re at in parenting, both as individuals and couples. This year, we’ll go through a workbook called Intentional Parenting, by Doug & Cathy Fields.


Bake cookies to offer a treat to those who are preparing our Christmas eve services.


Have you —or someone you know —experienced the loss of a loved one? Are you wondering how you will survive the weeks surrounding Christmas? On December 7 at 7 pm we are launching a grief support group hosted at 139 Smith. If you are looking for support while walking through grief, please consider registering.