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bible reading plan

Every week we will post here Bible readings to follow up from the past Sunday's message.

Chosen: God's Purposes and My Plans // EPIC: The Big Story of the Bible


Genesis 12:1-9

God made covenant promises to His people. The first covenant promise was God’s call of Abram (verse 1) which seemed to come out of nowhere. What did God require of Abram? What promises di make to Abram in verses 2-3? There is no mention of significant characteristics of Abram that would warrant God’s call. Abram was ordinary… he had faults but he also had faith. This is good news for us. Being ordinary and flawed doesn’t sideline us. Abram didn’t know where he was going but he trusted God to lead him and his family. God promised Abram riches, land and descendants… all were indicators of God’s blessings. God promised to bless Abram so he could bless others. While Abram may have experienced uncertainty, he stepped out in faith and obeyed God’s leadership. How is God calling you to step out in faith?


Genesis 15:1-20

God promised Abram land, a family, and that his family would be a blessing to the world. Years had passed… Abram and Sarai still had not had any children. Having a child mattered to them and they considered it to be a significant element towards the fulfillment of God’s covenant promise. Abram was direct and honest as he brought his concerns to God. Abram trusted God enough to express his disappointment. He reminds us to bring our concerns to God in prayer. What was Abram told to do in verse 1, 9-11? God reminds Abram of the covenant promise He made years earlier. List the 5 elements of God’s promise to Abram in verses 4-7, 18-20. Abram believed and trusted God despite his circumstances. What does verse 6 say about Abram?


Genesis 17:1-27

Years later… Abraham and Sarah (same people, new names) were devastated that they had not been able to have a child so they took matters into their own hands. Abraham had a son named Ishmael by Hagar, Sarah’s maid. God still had plans and assured Abraham and Sarah that they will have a child together. God now added to His promise. What are the elements of God’s promise to Abraham found in verses 2-8, 15-16, and 19? What did God tell Abraham to do in verses 1, 9, 11-14? What was to happen to poor Ishmael (verses 17-18, 20)? God states that His covenant is an everlasting covenant and the land would be an everlasting possession of Abraham’s descendants. God promises to be their God.


Genesis 22:15-18; 26:2-5

Abraham and Sarah finally had a son, Isaac. Abraham was found faithful and obedient when asked to sacrifice Isaac. He trusted that God would fulfil His covenant promises. What elements of God’s promise to Abraham are listed in Genesis 22:17-18. Earlier in Genesis Abraham trusted God to fulfil His covenant promises. In this passage Abraham’s obedience is credited. Now list the elements of God’s promise to Isaac found in Genesis 26:3-4. God continues to confirmed His covenant promises to Abraham through Isaac. Abraham’s obedience to give his son back to God resulted in the promise of fruitfulness. Abraham's faith reminds us that when God asks you to do something… you must obey.


Genesis 28:10-22; 35:1-15

God’s covenant promise continues through Jacob, the son of Isaac and great-grandson of Abraham. What are the attributes of God’s promise to Jacob in Genesis 28:13-15? God includes the blessing of Abraham to the nations through Jacob. What new, additional element is included in verse 15? The Abrahamic Covenant is an unconditional covenant made by God first to Abraham then passed on through his son Isaac, his great grandson Jacob and his descendants. What covenant elements of God are reaffirmed to Jacob in verses 9-12? God promised that the earth would be blessed through Abraham. The whole world was blessed through Jesus, a descendant of the family line of Abraham.

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